IMG_1697Wolverhampton Bike Shed takes donated bikes of all ages and tries to return them to serviceable condition. The bikes are then offered to the public for a donation to Bike Shed funds. Donations of both bikes and funds are essential to keeping the project in a position to purchase consumable parts, like tyres, brake pads and cables which are then used to bring bikes back to life.

Every other Saturday morning you can drop in to the Wolverhampton Bike Shed for our bike repair service at Bradmore recreation ground on Church Road.

Anybody is welcome to join the Wolverhampton Bike Shed and have their bike checked over or repaired. We currently offer bike repairs on anything from unicycles to tandems and tricycles.

If someone wants to watch and learn while the repair is carried out, then the Wolverhampton Bike Shed volunteers are more than happy to show how it is done. All of our volunteers work under the guidance of trained bike mechanics.

Many of the parts fitted are recycled; we will have been removed from bikes that are beyond repair, checked for serviceability and put in the store ready for re-use. Some of the bikes are used for bike polo, which the Wolverhampton Bike Shed volunteers like to play when we’re not too busy repairing and recycling bikes. We’re always looking for new players to join in!

If you have a bike you’d like to donate, just get in touch via e-mail and we’ll happily arrange drop off.

Why do we do this?

We are passionate about people, and about how all people in a community are brought together by their interests. Our interest is riding bikes, and we think that we can use the skills of riding and maintaining bikes to help people grow as individuals.

Our Christian faith-based principles of loving your neighbour, helping people in need and taking people from any background and enabling them to grow into their full potential are at the heart of what we do and why we do it.