We love it when people donate their old bikes to us, but due to lack of space in the new building, we are unable to be as indiscriminate as we used to be.

We will be able to advise whether we can use the bike you are offering, or whether it is best to donate the bike to your local scrap man.

Donate your to Wolverhampton Bike Shed, and here’s what will happen…

  • First we’ll thank you for your generosity and community spirit.
  • Then we will ask you to send us some pictures of the bike
    • Photo of the whole bike from both sides
    • Close up of the pedals
    • Close up of the back wheel
  • We will then decide if this is a bike that we can accept as a donation. We reserve the right to suggest that your bike may be better off helping the scrap man earn his crust.
  • Then we’ll arrange to collect the bike from you, or you can drop it off at one of our Saturday repair sessions.
  • We’ll inspect the bike and see what work needs doing.
  • We’ll then assign the bike to a mechanic to make repairs.

What happens to recycled bikes?

  • The bikes that are given a new lease of life are then sold to people in the local community, often for less than £100 depending on the type of bike.
  • Donations of cash and sales of recycled bikes all get ploughed back into the Bike Shed and are used to by new spare parts to repair even more bikes.