At the Bike Shed we provide the following services:

Low Cost Bike Repairs

Bike repairs at a low cost. We might have to charge you for any replacement parts, but we’ll try and give you an estimate before we start. We are open for 2 hours every other Saturday morning, so the repairs are done within that time. A donation to the Bike Shed is always welcome. We use this money to buy more spare parts and to give to other charities in the area.

Instruction and Training

We can help you to fix your own bike using our tools and expertise. We also run short courses in the evening where we have more time to take you through the basics of bike maintenance. If you are interested in the next course, email and we’ll let you know when it is likely to be. 

Bike Recycling

All our bikes have had previous owners.  We inspect, repair and rejuvenate older bikes so that they can have a new lease of life with their new owner.

Bike Polo

The bike polo club have mallets and bikes available for people to get a taster for the game, but they may also want their own helmets and knee pads.

And more …

We have links with other services, for example bikeability cycle training and mountain bike riding.