Donation of Professional Bike Mechanic’s Toolkit

BikeHubToolPresentationStefan Holmes of Telford’s Bicycle Hub in the park, has made a personal donation of a professional bike mechanic’s tool kit to the Wolverhampton Bike Shed. The Bike Shed thank Stefan for his support.

When Simon Beech of Wolverhampton Bike Shed met Stefan Holmes in Telford Town Park it was clear that the bicycle mad men had common goals. Stefan shares a passion for the local community and the Bicycle Hub in the park is well placed to serve Telford’s locals.

Simon talked about the Wolverhampton Bike Shed – how it was a 3 year old community bicycle repair and recycling project. Without regular funding the project is reliant on donations of bikes, tools, and money from supporters to keep offerring free community bicycle repair. 12 volunteers help renovate bikes to sell or repair customer’s bicycles. Donations are welcomed, but the Bike Shed often fixes bikes for free as it doesn’t let a customer’s ability to pay restrict the service given.

BikeHubToolPresentation-001‘Repair, Recycle, Relate’ is Wolverhampton Bike Shed’s motto. The Bike Shed are bringing people of all ages together – customers often just pop in for a cuppa and a chat. There are often biscuits too!

One of the community activities promoted by the Bike shed is bicycle polo, which is like polo played on horse back – but on bikes! If you are interested in finding out more about the Bike Shed, visit for times of the next polo game or Saturday service sessions.

Telford’s Bicycle Hub in the park can be found online at, where you can read about their full range of services.